Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day

Tomorrow is Mother's Day.  Last night while I tossed and turned I was thinking about what Mother's Day means to me.  It is a day for me to celebrate my amazing mother and hopefully for my children to spoil me for  a few minutes, but even more so, a day for me to celebrate all of the reasons I LOVE being a MOM.

This Mother's Day is a unique one, it is the first in our new country, coming in on the heels of the most stressful move we have ever made.  I have been guilty of letting the stress get to me and I am afraid I have spent time on frustration and sadness that would have been better spent with my kids.  This year I am choosing to use Mother's Day as my New Year's.  I resolve to count my blessings instead of my disappointments.

I am so blessed to have three beautiful and amazing children.  Every day they give me a reason to be the very best version of myself.  Even when the best version of me is decked out in sweats, I have the best job on earth.  My children have taught me so much, if I teach them half as much as they have taught me, I will have been a success.  They have taught me the value of patience, to find joy in the small things, to take life a day at time, to love without measure...I could go on for days.  They are my greatest pleasure.

To see my list of Reasons I Love Being a Mom click below.

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