Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Here Comes Goodbye-Day 4

Today we left Billings on a mission-to cross the border into Canada.  The drive today was more of the same, beautiful but boring.  I will say I now understand why they call Montana "Big Sky Country".  The sky somehow seems closer and seems to go on in an endless span of blue.  I have also discovered that there are 10 cows for every person and that half of the state resides in Billings...the other half are certifiably nuts, in my not so professional opinion.  Living alone on a prairie somewhere is not the charming picture we all know from Laura and Little House on the Prairie.  It honestly looks like a reason to drink, heavily.

The end result of our mission left me feeling sad.  Today was the last day I will  live on American soil for 3 years, the last day I will see our flag never truly understand the depth of the love you have for your country until you have to leave it.  I am proud to be an American, flawed though it may be, I can honestly say that there is no greater place on earth. 

For every goodbye there is a hello and today we said hello to our home for the next while.

And tomorrow we drive some more!

On the Road Again...Day 3

Day 3 had us leaving Denver and driving all the way to Billings, MT.  577 miles of driving through beautifully boring plains with mountain views and the occasional interesting rock formations.

Prairie Dogs were the scientific subject of the day...there are scads of them all across Colorado and Wyoming.  The little beasts eluded my picture taking mission....but if you're wondering, they are rodents, there are 5 genus', they eat grasses and are outlawed as pets. 

We crossed into Wyoming around mid-morning...

Day 3 was a the day of animals.  We chased antelope for the whole day, I was determined to capture them on film and I FINALLY won!

I wish I could give all of you a tale of excitement, but the reality of the day was a little on the boring side.  We drove and drove and drove, breaking it up with Brain Quest and a few stops to stretch our legs.  The road in front of us went on and on and looked like this:

We found Montana around 7 pm...and drove some more!

Day 3 ended in a heap of exhaustion in Billlings.  Next stop, CANADA!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Home, Home on the Range to Rocky Mountain High-Day 2

Day 2 proved to be a much more interesting drive.  We started our day leaving Amarillo and crossed over into New Mexico, a first for every member of the Evans family! 

New Mexico was an educational experience!  We actually used our geographical terms; plateau, butte, and canyon.  We saw science class come to life with herds of wild antelope, wind turbines and a sand storm.

Social Studies made an appearance in the form of trains...we saw more trains in a few short hours, than I believe I have seen in all my life.  We got the conductor of one hauling tanks for the Army to blow his whistle for us!  It was amazing to see how much we rely on these huge iron beasts for the things our country needs.

With 200 miles to go...

Colorado was not quite what we expected.  The mountain views as we crested the hill coming into the state were breathtaking and everything you would imagine Colorado to be.  When you think of Colorado you think green forests, huge mountains and a Kodak moment at every turn, the road into Denver turned flat and brown quite quickly. The Mile High City was a welcome sight with a mall that warmed this shopper's soul but unfortunately did not have the credit cards smoking as well....but tomorrow is another day!  :)

God Bless Texas-Day One

Yesterday was one of the hardest days in the life of our family.  We drove away from our house, our friends and our life.  Somehow, without us even realizing it, Texas became not the place that we lived, but our HOME.  We left in a sea of Texas sized hugs and Texas sized tears....and then we drove and drove and drove.

Houston to Amarillo with 3 kids and 2 dogs, not the stuff that dreams are made of.  Despite the raw emotions and the most awful scenery known to man, we made it in tact and without bloodshed.  The conversation centered around how sad we were to be leaving, but how blessed we had been to have had the time that we did and our hopes to return to our home at the end of our adventure.

We are not Texans by birth(with the exception of Aila), but we are Texans at heart and I hope that we can bring a little bit of Texas to Canada and leave a lasting impression when we go.  We will still say y'all, I WILL learn to make fried pickles, wear our bling with pride and say hello to everyone we meet!