Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Home Fires

Home Fires...a highly romanticized concept of keeping a light burning for your loved one until they return to you.  Reality is it is a HOUSE FIRE, it is some poor spouse sending up an SOS, a desperate attempt to get some help and attention!

Those of you who know me know that I am not a whiner, I am a survivor.  I take what life throws at me and somehow manage to keep my composure...I think my crown is a little tarnished.  We are in the front half of week two without Chris and I think that I just may have lost my mind.  This isn't my first time alone, we do this often, but I must say flying solo and planning an international move is a challenge that even the most organized of souls would find impossible.

My very dear friend Joanne, who is also living the expat life gave me some excellent advice long ago when we were asked to put our name on "THE LIST" of those willing to take international assignments.  She told me if I had any doubt in the strength of my marriage not to do it.  She was right.  If my marriage was less than what it is, it would not survive the stress.   This week alone has brought more tears and drama then I think I have seen from my children in the last 6 months, the baby hasn't slept since Chris left and I am wading through logistics like I have never seen before just to look at a house up there.  A happy and contented wife I am not.  I am afraid my poor husband is married to a lunatic.  He is handling it well all things considered...

My home fires are burning, the house is in FLAMES! 

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